Adjustment to the delivery dates for Beatport Pro and Beatport Streaming

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Many of our labels showed concern regarding the exclusive deliveries to Beatport and how they would co-exist in their “Beatport Pro” (Downloads) site and their “Beatport” (Streaming) service.

At first Beatport did not have an option to split the dates on which it would show on both services, leaving the labels with a dilemma of whether or not it was worth to continue doing Beatport exclusives if the Streaming service would also get it at the same time, therefor cannibalizing the potential sales from its Download counterpart.

Beatport has since then listened to the concerns and have added an option through the XML delivery feed to be able to adjust dates accordingly. Moving forward the exclusive date you select for Beatport will be only for the “Beatport Pro” store (downloads) and the General release date will now become the date for their streaming side.

Using your Beatport Streaming login information you can also manually handle what you want to be available on the service on a case by case basis or if you wish to adjust when it is available. You can find your username and password under the “Distribution Alerts” in the menu page.

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