New Year, New Updates: New Store Features + Vinyl Partnership + Traxsource Pricing

Label Engine News

We hope your 2018 has been off to a good start!

It’s time to share with you our new features and updates from the past couple of months that will be informative and useful to your labels as the year progresses. As you know, Label Engine is here to help you make money from your music, and there will be more ways to do that than ever before: new feature request opportunities are available as well as a partnership with Diggers Factory to allow artists to produce vinyl records for free*. In addition, Traxsource has updated their pricing system. Read on for more details.


Starting early 2018, Label Engine Premium Distribution users have been able to submit Feature Requests for Deezer and Google Play. These appear as additional checkbox options as you submit releases, given the release meets store-specific deadlines. We hope these new opportunities will translate to better visibility for your music.

Label Engine is now accepting Deezer Feature Request submissions for releases since earlier this year.

  • Deezer allows for options to pitch to location-specific editorial teams with special emphasis on European regions.
  • The feature also allows for requests to be based on genre and mood of the releases for better playlist classification.
  • Submissions allow links to photos and other media to supplement your request pitch.
  • Deezer accepts Feature Requests for new releases as well as ongoing priorities.


  • Label Engine has begun taking Feature Request submissions since early 2018.
  • Google Play only accepts Feature Requests for new, upcoming releases.
  • Allows for territory targeting, with the following territories to choose from: 
    AT, AU, BR, CA, CH, DE, ES, FR, GB, IN, IT, JP, MX, NL, PL, RU, US, and ZA


*Diggers Factory is an on demand network allowing artists and labels to produce records, thanks to the community, for free. We’ve launched a partnership with them in order to help you produce your records on vinyl.

  • Set the objective of pre-orders (the number of records you want to produce) and estimate instantly the benefits with an integrated cost simulator.
  • Once you’ve decided on a number of pre-orders (at least 50), all that’s left is to gather enough pre-orders to launch production.
  • Records can be customized: DMM vs. lacquer, gatefold, 7in vs. 12in, even colored pressings.
  • Additional optional services include mastering, pressing (average production time with test pressing: 7 weeks), distribution and shipping.
  • Use our affiliate link ( to get started.


As of March 12th 2018, Traxsource has officially revamped its in-store pricing. It is important to note that because of these price changes, Label Engine will not be providing revenue reports from this store to prevent inaccuracy until further notice. Based on the positive feedback and analysis of data that Traxsource has received from its content partners, a more robust and competitive pricing structure has been created to maximize product value for customers along with income for store partners. 

Highlights of the new pricing are:

  • $0.50 reduction in Exclusive Promo Track prices
  • A new “Classic” price tier now effective on releases 90 days old [previously limited to 36 days]
  • Competitive new package pricing on multiple-track Singles, EPs, Albums and Compilations (excludes Bundles)
  • Affordable AIFF/WAV packages

For more detailed information, view Traxsource’s official announcement.

If you have any questions or would like any more information on any of the updates above, feel free to contact us at

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