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If you ask any Label Manager in the industry, they will tell you that maximizing your results while minimizing your effort is the ultimate goal.

We live in an era where the digital world and music industry move faster than ever. Music fans are constantly craving new content and are always on the look out for the new up and coming artist, the new hot track or the next mind-blowing remix.

With this in mind, Label Engine has put together a set of tools to help you keep your finger on the pulse.

Soundcloud and YouTube Upload

YouTube and Soundcloud are the biggest music discovering platforms in the world, are you keeping up with them? Are you feeding the fans what they are craving for?

Label Engine makes it easier than ever to connect your YouTube and Soundcloud accounts directly and share your music with just a few clicks. Whether you wish to upload a clip or a full track, you can have your entire release or catalog available for the world to discover in just a few minutes.

When you connect to Soundcloud and upload a track directly from our platform, it will copy over your cover artwork, description, release date, label name and genre so you don't even have to worry about any further editing when checking your SC account.

For YouTube you can create high quality videos using your cover artwork or if you feel artsy you can upload a custom image or design of your choice. Give your channel the feel and look you want by using the different image styling options available (Full Artwork, Zoomed, Stretched) and when you are all done and ready to share, you can upload directly to Youtube from your account or download it to share in other platforms, options are always good!

Share and Follow to Download

Boost your social media presence with our Follow to Download system, allowing users to download free music from your label in return for following you on social media. Using a customizable page, users are able to play the free tracks and select to follow you on Spotify, Soundcloud or Twitter. Once logged in, recipients automatically follow up to five specified accounts before being given the download links.

The same system can also be used to share files with peers or friends, with the option to password protect files and email links to the download pages direct from our site

Podcast Hosting

Help keep your fans up to date with your latest music by creating a podcast - with Label Engine it's easy! We will host an unlimited number of episodes for you and help you to generate the RSS feed that can be submitted to iTunes.

Create a podcast for each of your labels or for one of your featured artists. You have full control over every aspect including artwork, titles, summaries and keywords.


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Youtube Upload, Share and Follow To Download are available with a Promotion Subscription and are provided free of charge to all labels that use our Premium Distribution service.

Podcast Hosting available with any Subscription and is provided free of charge to all labels that use our Premium Distribution service.

Soundcloud Upload is available to all users.

For full subscription details please check our pricing page.


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