Publishing Services

If your music is being downloaded, streamed, played in the radio, clubs or festivals and you don't have a publisher, chances are there is money out there for you that you are not collecting. There is more to the music you release than just the downloads you sell or the streams you get, this could become a complicated task for you and we can help!

What is a music publisher?

A music publisher is the entity responsible for the administration of a composition (original song, free of samples) appointed by a songwriter/artist. A music publisher's job includes licensing the composition outside of a traditional record release and collecting royalties whenever the composition is used.

Why do I need a music publisher?

As a songwriter/artist you are entitled by law to royalties every time your song is performed in a public space, is on rotation in a fm/am radio station and/or online radio stations like Pandora/XM Sirius or is sync licensed to a movie, video game or commercial. These royalties are paid and distributed to songwriter societies, neighboring rights representatives and publishers, a music publisher can help you collect that additional revenue.

What kind of royalties can I collect through music publishing?

Radio & TV: Royalties for Airplay on terrestrial AM and FM radio stations, as well as music on broadcast and cable TV.

Physical products and downloads: Mechanical royalties to songwriters for physical products (cds/cassettes/vinyls) and downloads (Beatport/iTunes/Amazon).

Synchronization (Sync): Fees for licensing compositions and masters for movies, tv, commercials, video games, etc.

On-Demand Streaming music services: Performance royalties and mechanical royalties for plays generated through on-demand streaming platforms (Spotify, RDIO, Deezer).

Non-Interactive Streaming Radio: Performance royalties for webcasting and sound recording performing royalties paid by Non-Interactive Streaming Radio platforms (Pandora/Slacker).

What if I'm already a member of one of the main PRO societies like ASCAP, BMI or SESAC?

That's good, you need to be registered with them in order to maximize the income you can generate, however, they are limited in the type of royalties they can collect so we work with them to be sure that registration of the compositions are done properly so we can collect even more of the money you are entitled to.

What is Sync Licensing?

Sync licensing; also know as Synchronization, refers to the use or music in video games, movies, films, documentaries, tv shows, commercials, youtube videos or anywhere else where you song is "synced" to moving images.

When you sync license a track, the copyright owner/publisher is paid a fee for the use of said composition/song. The label or artist, often also negotiates an upfront fee for the use of the content. If you as the label or artist also own the copyright and publish the composition, you would get paid for both.

Sync licensing is currently one of the best and major revenue streams for musicians.

How can i sign up for the publishing services Label Engine offers?

We are currently working with a very selected few on publishing administration, by remaining strict and very selective we can better focus on the services we provide and exceed on the areas we provide services for.

Feel free to contact us to discuss potential deals, be sure to include as much information about you, your label, music or tracks as possible so we can better get an idea of your case.