Distribution on Demand is a concept aimed at independent artists that gives you the ability to bypass the traditional steps of releasing music by granting you complete control of where and when your music is available to your fans. You keep 100% of the rights to your music and 100% of your royalties!

I don't have a label, can I use Distribution on Demand to sell my music?


How much does it cost?

Distribution fees are charged yearly per release and depend on how many tracks are included:

  • Single - 1 Track: $7.99 USD per year
  • EP - 2 to 7 Tracks: $19.99 USD per year
  • Album - 8 to 15 Tracks: $29.99 USD per year
  • Extended Album - 16 to 30 Tracks: $39.99 USD per year

A 20% discount on up to 5 years additional distribution is available if purchased prior to distribution.

You keep 100% of your royalties. There are no setup costs and no subscripton is necessary.

How do I get paid?

We send royalty reports monthly (within the first week of each month) - you can request payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer once you have met the minimum payment threshold of $10.00 for PayPal or $100.00 USD for Bank Transfer.

What stores are included?

We currently distribute our music to over 70 stores and their subsidiaries, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, 7Digital and more. See below for a full list. *

* Certain stores may also only market/sell music of a certain style/genre.

I want my music on Beatport and Juno, are these stores included in Distribution on Demand?

They are indeed, however all Distribution on Demand releases on these stores will appear under a "blanket label" called LE Distribution.

Do you offer YouTube Content Monetization?

Yes, this is an optional service and can be selected for any release. We charge a 15% administration fee.

Do you provide UPC / ISRC Codes?

Yes we do and we don't charge you a penny for them, or you can use your own if you prefer.

Distribution on Demand Features

  • Upload your music directly to over 70 stores worldwide including Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and YouTube
  • Keep 100% of your royalties
  • No set-up fees, no subscription fees, on contract required
  • Get detailed monthly royalty reports and request payments at any time via PayPal or Bank Transfer
  • Free ISRC and UPC Codes
  • Daily sales reporting for participating stores (including Beatport, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play)
  • Share live sales reports with arists using a secure URL
  • Automatic link retrieval for participating stores so you and your artists can promote your music as soon as it's released
  • Chart tracking for participating stores showing daily positions on overall and genre charts
  • Integrated Beatport DJ Chart feed to help you see which DJs are supporting your music
  • Use 'Label Engine Connect' to negotiate deals with Youtube promoters and get your music heard
  • Import your music meatada directly from Spotify or Beatport - we'll help you get your full back catalogue delivered to all stores
  • Can be combined with a subscription to use Label Engine accounting, promotion and demo management tools

Standard Features

  • Easy music management using our "FTP Repository" - upload your wave, flac, aiff or mp3 files through a browser or over ftp, or import them directly from Beatport, Baseware or FUGA
  • Easily make compilations from existing releases with our Compilation Builder tool
  • Upload your music directly to your Soundcloud account
  • Create additional user logins with unique permissions to run your label as a team
  • Schedule system to keep track of events - set up reminders via email or dashboard notification


Available Distribution on Demand Stores

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