New Store Overview: Medianet

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Label Engine is now proudly distributing to Medianet. “MediaNet integrates an industry-leading sound recording catalog with a comprehensive publishing database to provide our partners with a truly rights-managed catalog and a single point of service for digital music operations.” The new store’s distribution includes four new destinations: Aarmy, Amanotes, Audalize, CLMBR, Echelon, GTL, Imagesound, JPay, and Y7. Aarmy Aarmy is …

Rawsome Recordings

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“From the heart of New York City, Rawsome Recordings brings you only the best selection of raw underground house from our global dance music scene. Rawsome continues to preserve the roots and culture of dance music, all while pushing the house sound into the future.”

Updated Security Measures

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Here at Label Engine we are always looking at ways to improve our systems. We’ve recently made some changes to our sites security and would like to share them with you now! Starting today, if a user or additional user attempts to login with an incorrect password 3 times, their account will be locked. In order to unlock your account, …

The American Music Fairness Act

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The House Judiciary Committee has recently approved a bill that, if passed, would require radio stations to pay royalties to performers. The American Music Fairness Act will still need to go through the full House and need approval from the Senate and president, to be officially written into law.

Spotify Marquee Reveals New Study

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Spotify has released some new and exciting data from recent studies done on their Marquee promotion tool. One question artists and their teams have wondered since the release of Marquee is how does it stack up against other similar social ads. Their studies have revealed that Marquee delivers on average 10x more listeners per dollar spent than similar social ads. …