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IMPORTANT: Beatport Holiday delivery scheduleYoutube Music Key added to our network of storesIMPORTANT: iTunes Holidays delivery schedule
Beatport’s delivery system (and ingestion team) will be closed from December 12 2014 to January 5 2015, if you wish to have any releases live on the site between those dates you need to make sure your releases are sent … We are pleased to announce the addition of “Youtube Music Key” store to our network of stores. Youtube Music Key is the long rumored paid music service from Youtube/Google. In addition to being able to listen to music ad-free, Youtube … Like every year, iTunes closes its offices during Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years season. This also includes “iTunes Connect” which is their system to ingest new deliveries. It is very important you take notes of this delivery deadlines so you don’t …
Adam Touch
(Original Mix)
Yoruba Grooves
Nico Sfienti
(Original Mix)
Pure Enjoyment Recording
Clover Might
(Original Mix)
DeMars Records