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"Label Engine: the software that's rewriting the rules for record labels" - WIRED Magazine shuts downUpdate on the #BeatportDecade promotion dateUnderstanding Sales Estimates
Emerging EDM oriented streaming service has officially announced it is shutting down its doors for good after a mere 3 years in business. The store, which attempted to find a common ground between streaming and live mixing announced on … For those who are participating and delivered their #BeatportDecade special releases, Beatport has confirmed to us that they have moved the date to September 12. You don’t need to do anything on your side, the beatport staff has taken care … Sales estimates are a great way to study the progress of your music and measure the success of it but why shouldn’t it be used for accounting purposes and why isn’t an actual indicative of income? Every month/quarter we receive …
Human Nature
(Original Mix)
Expectancy Records
Kevin Schwazer
Tirold D Connective
(Rodrigo DP Remix)
Innocent Music Limited
Shun Hagins
(Original Mix)
Double The Throne